Curriculum Vitae

Dimitrios Kamentsidis

the future of Minimal invasive cardiac treatment

BRIEF Curriculum Vitae

Dimitrios Kamentsidis is one of the leading heart surgeons in Greece.

With many years of experience in cardiac surgery both in Greece and abroad, Dimitrios Kamentsidis is one of the most qualified scientists in his medical field.

His services cover the entire spectrum of modern cardiac surgery, using innovative techniques that respect the patients’ needs, allowing them to return to their daily routine quickly.


Undergoing a heart operation, as well as choosing the doctor who will perform it, is one of the most serious decisions you will be asked to make regarding your health.

Our team consists of Cardiac Surgeons Dimitrios Kamentsidis and Konstantinos Makrygiannakis, Anaesthesiologists Alexandros Kolettas and Georgios Moutsianos, Cardiologist Alexandros Hantas (responsible for pre- and post-operative patient monitoring), Plastic Surgeon Alkiviadis Tsiantzis and Perfusionist Niki Oikonomou.

"Our goal is to provide the best possible care through evidence-based knowledge and innovative treatments. We treat each patient humanely and individually, building long-term relationships of trust."

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