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New generation of endoscopic cardiac surgery.

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Why choose us?

Thanks to the experience of our team, we are able to deal with even the most demanding cases with consistency and respect for you and your families.

High Expertise

Dimitrios Kamentsidis has many years of experience in large centers abroad. He worked for 10 years in Geneva and 2 years in Paris. He also participated in the training of cardiac surgery teams of other countries as part of humanitarian missions.

Long Experience

Our cardiac surgery team has participated in thousands of successful surgeries, giving patients the opportunity to return to their daily routine. Thanks to our experience, our team treats even the most demanding cases with consistency and respect, both for patients and their families.


Safe Environment

Our cardiac surgery team operates at “St. Luke’s Hospital”, in a state-of-the-art environment that meets the expectations of both doctors and patients. St. Luke’s Hospital offers to patients safety in combination with a friendly and accessible postoperative environment, providing the doctors, at the same time, with modern equipment and excellent working conditions.

Human Approach

The cardiac surgery team of Mr. Kamentsidis approaches patients in a humane way, taking into account their needs and choices. The result is the provision of personalized care and treatment, ensuring a perfect communication between doctor and patient both before and after surgery. 


We are able to provide patients with reduced pain, minimal scarring, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery time compared to traditional open-heart surgery. We offer a promising new option for those in need of cardiac treatment.

It is hard to describe in words, what I have in my mind and believe about Dimitris. In an extremely difficult case, such as that of my 88-year-old father, he carried it out with complete success.

He was excellent at everything!

- Theodore B.

He is an excellent doctor! Due to our father's deteriorating health, other doctors gave us little hope for a successful outcome of the surgery. However, Mr. Kamentsidis fully and successfully coped with the seriousness of the situation. The way he dealt with the incident created a climate of safety, security and trust for us. His support, in the days before and after the surgery, was remarkable. He was kind, patient and always available to listen to any reservations, questions and fears we had. We owe a big thank you.

- Family of Tsolakidis Athanassiou



We put our patients first. We take an approach that focuses on the best possible healthcare for our patients to ensure that each person receives the attention and care they deserve.


This means that all structural heart diseases are treated through small holes or incisions.

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How can I contact the doctor?

To consult Cardiac Surgeon Dimitris Kamentsidis or schedule an appointment, call daily at +30 231 132 0106 or fill in the contact form and we will call you immediately.

I have already consulted a doctor; can I get a second opinion?

Undergoing a heart operation, as well as choosing the doctor who will perform it, is one of the most serious decisions you will be asked to make regarding your health.

A second opinion from an experienced and qualified heart surgeon is imperative before the final decision.

Having a second opinion:
- will ensure that the proposed surgical treatment is suitable for you - will solve any questions you may have - will inform you about its benefits and risks.

What should I expect during my visit to Dr. Dimitris Kamentsidis?

During your visit to the doctor, you will discuss the medical problem you are facing. The doctor will ask you about your family and medical history so that he can understand exactly your situation. You must have the list of medicines you take on a regular basis, including over-the-counter medicines.You must also bring copies of previous medical exams, coronary angiography results or medical history related to your medical problem. All the above will help the doctor understand the problem and, in combination with the medical exams you will have to undergo, he will make a diagnosis.After having followed the above steps, the doctor will inform you about the next steps which may involve the prescription of medicines or a possible operation.


"excellent surgical result"

"without the disadvantages of median sternotomy"

"lower risk of infections"


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At our center we use the smallest possible incisions and specialized tools to access and operate on the heart with as little trauma to the body as possible.